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Handling Asbestos In Schools and Churches ABC Contracting

While asbestos was used previously in construction, it soon was found out to be harmful, especially in its dust form. That said, while there is no outright ban on the material, many of its applications have been prohibited as a hazardous material.

If you live in an old property, it?s likely that asbestos still lingers in the building. When that’s the case, you’ll need to deal with it before it causes significant harm to you and anyone else living in the building.

Here are our four safety tips when removing asbestos:

1. Get a Survey Done

Before starting any removal work, get a survey of the site done. That way, you’ll know what materials contain asbestos, as well as how much of it is there. That said, there are two ways this survey can be done.

The first survey is known as the refurbishment survey, also known as the demolition survey. This survey is done, as the name implies, before demolishing or refurbishing the property to ensure that all asbestos-containing materials won’t harm individuals that are working there.

The second survey is known as the management survey to ensure that the material remains undisturbed, posing no threat to anyone working there.

2. Avoid Tools That Will Disturb the Asbestos

The last thing you want to do when working in removing asbestos is to disturb the material, causing particles to fill the air. Asbestos fiber is dangerous to the lungs and anyone caught without protective gear will be in danger of getting sick. Even if you wear a mask, you?re still at risk.

Because of this, you should never use power tools like drills or saws. Additionally, do not sweep the area, as you’ll only stir the dust even more. Instead, use a wet cloth or a specialized vacuum cleaner to contain the dust.

3. Wear the Right Protective Gear Properly

While having the right gear to wear is essential in keeping you safe when working with asbestos, it is even more important to wear them properly. If your team doesn’t know how to wear the protective gear, teach them.

An excellent way to ensure that everyone is wearing their gear correctly is to have a test-wear. Get everyone to put on their equipment, including their suits. This way, not only can you check if they’ve worn it properly, but to see if their suits, masks, and other gear fit perfectly.

4. Throw the Materials Safely

Equipment and material that has been exposed to or contains asbestos will need to be disposed of properly. It should be sealed twice in heavy-duty bags. During this process, you should still wear protective equipment.

Once everything’s bagged up, you’ll need to label what the bag contains and bring it to a landfill that works with asbestos. If you’re planning to transport this dangerous material, you might require a license.

To conclude, working with asbestos is a serious matter. The substance is hazardous to you, and it is of utmost importance that when you work with it, you’re fully protected from it and utilizing safety procedures to ensure minimum contamination and leakage of substance to the outside environment.

That said, here’s our final tip for you: hire a professional company. Cleaning up asbestos is a lot of work, not to mention a considerable amount of money spent on purchasing gears and tools. Save yourself a headache and hire a professional asbestos removal company to take care of the work!

Are you looking for an asbestos removal company in St Louis? Get in touch with us today! We’re more than happy to ensure that your property is perfectly safe and secure to live in.

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