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5 Factors to Look for in a Reputable Mold Inspection Company – What to Know

Choosing a company to deal with your home?s mold problems may seem like a simple task. Just type in ?mold inspection companies near me? on Google, and a list of mold removal companies will be shown to you.

However, there are more factors to consider when deciding on which company to hire. After all, entrusting your home?s maintenance to people you don?t personally know should require more research rather than just a quick overview of their services.

In choosing a mold inspection company for your home?s needs, here are five factors to look out for:

1. Certification

Mold inspection requires certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). One way to do this easily is to check the company?s website and view their About Page. Doing so should give you a general idea of whether or not they are qualified to inspect your home for molds.

Since chemicals and equipment will be involved in mold inspection, it is important to hire one with the appropriate training and knowledge. This is essentially why the first factor you should be looking for is their certifications.

2. Testimonials

Checking out the testimonials will give you an idea about the mold inspection company. You wouldn?t want to hire the services of a beginner or an inconsiderate company, so testimonials will help you separate the good companies from the incompetent ones.

Testimonials will also relieve you from a feeling of anxiousness and will give you an assurance that you?re choosing the right company for the job. Crowdsource from people who?ve had an experience of the company?s services or you can check their website. Most companies should already show their clients? testimonials on their pages to guarantee potential customers about the quality of their work.

3. Insurance

While mistakes can happen and not every company is perfect, it is crucial to hire inspectors with insurance because you will not want to be liable for any damage done by the company. Things could go wrong, and there might be accidents or involuntary damage to your home, so it?s best to go for the company duly covered by insurance.

4. Reasonable Pricing

Although the prices for each company?s services vary, it is vital to be aware of the standard pricing. Ask companies for quotations and compare them with other prospects. Check if their services are necessary for the mold inspection process. This is because there are companies that require some ?tests? or products for them to inspect your home, but many of them are just scheming to earn more money from you.

Keep in mind that companies that offer low prices should also be avoided as well. They will most likely be untrained and have no appropriate experience. Go for the ones who offer their services but ensures that the pricing is reasonable.

5. Safety Values

A mold inspection company knows that there are risks and health-hazards that can happen at any time. Safety inspections should also be conducted by the company to ensure that the process will not be harmful to anyone during the mold removal, especially the owners of the house. A reputable mold inspection company should know how to implement safety measures
for the job so that everyone stays safe at all times.


A qualified mold inspection company will observe the factors above whether or not their customers ask. It is their responsibility to guarantee their clients with spectacular services since they are getting paid to do the job, especially when it comes to safety.

If you?re looking for a reputable mold inspection company in St. Louis that has the appropriate amount of experience and gets the job done as precisely as possible, get in touch with ABC Contracting today to see how we can help your mold situation!

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