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If you’re in a situation where you think your home or business may have asbestos, it’s important to start the asbestos abatement process as soon as possible so we can make that section of the building safe to inhabit again. Exposure to asbestos can lead to disease and any building built before 1980 has the potential to harbor asbestos. This asbestos can be found in the walls, tile flooring, roofing, or plumbing systems as a building. When these areas become damaged due to remodeling or natural disasters, that’s where ABC Environmental Contracting comes in to remove the exposed asbestos and repair the damage through their asbestos abatement process.

Professional Asbestos Abatement Process

The first thing you want to do when your building is exposed to asbestos is to contact a professional. Don’t try to clean the area yourself since you would be risking exposure. ABC Environmental Contracting offers free estimates for asbestos testing and asbestos removal. Through their service, you can guarantee that you’re getting a professional job since their asbestos abatement experts are certified.

There are certain fixtures in a building that are known to contain asbestos. These include:

If any of these fixtures have been damaged, there’s a chance for asbestos exposure. And asbestos exposure is no joke. Thinner than a strand of hair, asbestos fibers can cause diseases, such as mesothelioma, when inhaled. Nearly 10,000 people die each year from asbestos-related causes. That’s why it’s so important to hire a company that can do the clean up and repair safely and effectively.

Key To Our Asbestos Abatement Process

When a certified asbestos abatement expert comes to your house, certain procedures will be followed. A worker expected to clean up asbestos is trained in:

  • Pre-asbestos abatement activities
  • Work area preparation
  • Establishing decontamination units
  • Using personal protection like respirators and protective clothing
  • The worker decontamination process
  • Consideration for safety in the area where the abatement takes place
  • Proper handling and disposal of the asbestos waste

These precautions are taken to ensure the process is safe for the workers and effective is making sure there is no more risk for asbestos exposure in your building. 

This all leads to the three different kinds of asbestos abatement processes that might take place at your building depending on the specific situation.

Class 1 asbestos work: This involves removing the asbestos coating that is used on certain fixtures to help retain heat.

Class 2 asbestos work: This involves the removal of certain walls, flooring, and roofing that contain asbestos.

Class 3 asbestos work: This is the repair of areas containing asbestos that have been damaged.

No matter which one is needed for a specific situation, ABC Environmental Contracting Services is there to provide the care you need to ensure your building is safe again.

Call ABC Environmental Contracting at (314) 668-1509 or visit their website at https://abcenviroteam.com/asbestos-abatement/ to get a free estimate on the cost of their asbestos abatement service.

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