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Need Help With Asbestos Abatement?

We help home owners & businesses with Asbestos Abatement in the St Louis Area

Need Help With Asbestos Abatement?

We help home owners & businesses with Asbestos Abatement in the St Louis Area

Professional Asbestos Abatement Services

If your business or home was built before 1980, you may be at risk for asbestos exposure. Asbestos can be hard to detect and potentially dangerous for anyone exposed to it. You need a company you can trust who can get the job done through ABC Environmental Contracting Services’ asbestos abatement service. Exposure to asbestos can lead to a variety of health risks, so it’s important to put your trust in a company with certified asbestos experts to get the job done. 

ABC Environmental Contracting Services provides professional asbestos abatement services in the St Louis area. Trying to clean up asbestos yourself can put you and your family at risk. If you think an area of your building has been exposed to asbestos, make sure to avoid that area and keep children out. It’s incredibly risky to try and clean it yourself, so you need to get a certified asbestos removal expert there as soon as possible.

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Asbestos Abatement Services

Trusted Asbestos Abatement Services In St Louis

In addition to asbestos abatement St. Louis, we also offer related services aimed at making residential and commercial structures secure for occupation. Our other services feature asbestos removal, asbestos testing, inspection surveysvinyl floor tiles, popcorn ceiling removal, and vermiculite insulation in attics.


Asbestos abatement involves identification and removal of asbestos as well as the repair of areas where asbestos is found to contain it. Asbestos was commonly used in the construction of buildings before 1980 for heat resistance. Since then, it is now known that inhaling asbestos can lead to certain lung diseases like mesothelioma cancer, asbestosis, pleural plaques, and asbestos lung cancer. Nearly 3,000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma in the U.S. alone and It is estimated that 10,000 people die from asbestos related diseases each year. What’s more, asbestos fibers are 18,000 times thinner than human hair, making them hard to detect.

Asbestos found and building can be exposed to air due to remodeling or damage to the building. It can be found in walls, tile flooring, and plumbing.The purpose of Asbestos abatement is to contain the asbestos to prevent exposure to humans. Unlike asbestos removal, asbestos abatement involves repairing the areas where asbestos is found and removing the excess instead of completely getting rid of the structure. Some asbestos abatement procedures include:

  • Removal of asbestos made to prevent heat loss found on the surface of home fixtures.
  • Removal of asbestos found in wall paneling and roofing.
  • Repair of asbestos containing material that are likely to be damaged.

Although you can get asbestos abatement services from non-credited sources, in order to ensure you’re getting the best and safest care we highly recommend hiring us so you know the job is getting done professionally. Hiring professional asbestos abatement services guarantees certain procedures will be met such as:

  • Personal protection being used
  • Work area preparation
  • Decontamination procedures before and after a job
  • Proper equipment will be used

Because asbestos can be so dangerous, it’s important to make sure you hire a company that’s certified in asbestos abatement projects. That’s why the experts at ABC Environmental Contracting Services are certified by law to get the job done right. A building at risk for asbestos is an extreme liability and a tragedy waiting to happen. There’s no reason to compromise when it comes to safety.


The procedures that our team of experts use for asbestos abatement include the following:

  • warning signs stating this is a restricted area
  • wet the material to minimize the release of fibers
  • drop sheets to prevent the spreading of dust
  • hand tools must be wet
  • no eating, drinking, smoking or eating gum in the work area
  • monitoring the air during all phases of the abatement
  • site visually inspected to ensure all debris has been cleaned up


Following these steps ensures the safety of ABC Environmental workers and prevents the release of airborne fibers.  Undisturbed asbestos won’t harm you, but once it has been damaged or deteriorated in any way, then the particles can get into your lungs.  Safely removing toxic materials prevents diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

Low Risk

  • remove non-friable materials without cutting, breaking or disturbing the materials
  • use non-powered hand tools, with water to contain fiber release
  • transport toxic materials in sealed containers

Medium & High Risk

Additional steps need to be taken for medium to high-risk contamination.  Protective clothing is made of a material such as Tyvek, fits snugly around the neck, wrist, and ankles, and covers the head and feet. Respiratory protective equipment must be used if appropriate.  Ventilation systems that could move the airborne fibers around should be shut down.  A HEPA filtered exhaust unit should be connected to the work area to provide negative pressure.  There are additional steps that need to be in place that our ABC contractors will ensure are complete.

Certified Asbestos Experts

Asbestos abatement in St. Louis is an extremely dangerous job and workers take high risks entering every situation. It must exclusively be left to professionals that are authorized by law to perform abatement services. The ABC Environmental team comprises of experienced and certified asbestos experts that you can depend on for fast and safe asbestos abatement in St. Louis and Metro East regions. If you are in a home or office building built prior to the 1980’s, get the property inspected or tested immediately – especially if the property is being occupied.

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Whether you are in need of asbestos abatement service in St. Louis or just have concerns about how asbestos might be present on your property – We are here to offer our help! Do not wait until something terrible happens to deal with Asbestos, ask for an inspection today!

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