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Asbestos Removal Costs

If you are planning on renovating your home or business or your building has recently been damaged, you may be concerned about asbestos removal costs. Buildings with popcorn ceilings or vinyl tile flooring may have been built with asbestos. Asbestos can be extremely hazardous to the lungs when exposed to the air, so it’s important to fix the problem when it arises. ABC Environmental Contracting Services knows the idea of asbestos removal or asbestos testing may be intimidating. But we will work with you through the process so you know where your money is going and what to do in order to minimize the costs.

Hiring an asbestos removal company is crucial because if asbestos removal is done improperly it can lead to airborne asbestos which can then lead to lung cancer or mesothelioma. Asbestos removal costs all depend on the type of asbestos and how much is getting removed, so ABC Environmental will be there to educate our clients about what exactly each job will entail cost wise.


Figuring Out Your Asbestos Removal Costs 

The cost of asbestos removal all depends on the type of material that’s getting removed and what processes will need to be in place to do said removal. The jobs with the highest costs will be the full removals of asbestos containing structures such as walls, ceilings, floors, and pipes in preparation for renovation. Although this is expensive, it is absolutely necessary to remove these materials when renovating since the disturbance of these structures will most likely cause asbestos exposure to the air if they have not been properly removed. The best way to reduce the cost in this situation is to make sure you hire the same company for the asbestos removal and the demolition. ABC Environmental also offers controlled demolition for asbestos removal jobs.


Why Do Asbestos Removal Costs Vary?

Costs will be lower when there are less asbestos containing materials to remove. Something like asbestos floor tile removal would be inherently cheaper than something like a ceiling removal because of the difference in the volume of the materials. 

The best thing to remember is you only have to remove asbestos containing materials if it’s absolutely necessary. Asbestos will typically not be an issue as long as it stays sealed in and is undisturbed. So there are situations where you can look into alternatives, such as asbestos abatement, to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure without having to completely get rid of the materials containing asbestos. ABC Environmental will work with you to find out what you need for your specific situation and what services will be necessary to ensure the safety of your home or business.

Hire a Professional Asbestos Removal Service 

When you consider asbestos abatement and asbestos removal costs you may be tempted to try and do the removal yourself. Many businesses are required to hire a professional asbestos removal company for renovation but there are no such restrictions for homeowners. But the truth is asbestos removal can be highly dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and can lead your home to a worse state than before. The EPA recommends for anyone looking for asbestos removal to hire a professional to ensure the safety of their home. 

At ABC Environmental Contracting, we know it can be stressful and intimidating to decide when you need asbestos removal. It can be a big project and costs can vary depending on the size of the job and how much time it will take. That’s why ABC Environmental offers a free quote by filling out the form by visiting https://abcenviroteam.com/asbestos-removal/ or calling our number at 314-668-1509.

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