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Asbestos Siding Removal In St Louis

ABC Environmental Contracting offers professional Asbestos testing and Asbestos Removal services to help you detect if you have asbestos siding. If your siding has asbestos in it, our professional team can help you determine if the asbestos siding needs to be removed.

Most of the time asbestos siding doesn’t have a health risk unless it is disturbed. Contact ABC Environmental Contracting to determine if your home siding is safe.

Asbestos Siding Removal
ABC Environmental Contracting - Asbestos Removal In St Louis

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About Asbestos Siding

Asbestos siding is made of asbestos fibers mixed with cement. Asbestos siding is brittle and can break easily when disturbed causing asbestos fibers to be released into the environment. Some rules and regulations allow DIYers to remove asbestos siding on their own, but it is important to check with local building codes first before you begin to work.

There are many health-related risks associated with asbestos materials. We highly recommend you contact ABC Environmental for professional siding asbestos removal. Your families health is our priority.

Asbestos siding removal can be a daunting task. here are some of the key steps required for removing asbestos siding:

  • Asbestos removal permit.
  • Asbestos Removal Warning signs should be posted in the work area. Lay down a 6ft wide strip of 6ml
  • Plastic sheeting surrounding your work area, and heavy-duty plastic bags to hold the siding once it is removed. The siding must be kept wet as you are working with it to reduce dust and particles from flying into the air.
  • Wear a HEPA filter respirator approved for asbestos
  • Disposable coveralls with a hood, rubber gloves, boots, and goggles need to be worn
  • Never bring contaminated work clothes into your home
  • Asbestos removal warning signs should be posted visibly for all to see
  • Close all doors and windows during the removal process
  • Keep the asbestos siding wet while removing the siding, use a mixture of water and liquid soap to spray on the siding
  • Start at the top and work your way down
  • When doing asbestos siding removal don’t break, drop or throw the siding
  • Use 6-mil thick plastic sheeting to wrap the siding then dispose of in plastic bags, tape with duct tape to seal. M
  • Mark garbage bags with hazardous waste
  • Know where you are going to dispose of it beforehand, check with local toxic waste disposal companies
  • Dispose of all work clothing including boots, goggles etc.
  • Wash all tools used
  • Bath after removing asbestos, and before re-entering home
  • a pry bar to dislodge nails and siding
  • nailhead cutter
  • scissors or knife to cut plastic sheeting
  • 6-mil polyethylene plastic sheeting
  • HEPA approved respirator
  • disposable coveralls, rubber boots or shoe covers, gloves and safety glasses
  • asbestos disposal bags
  • duct tape
  • garden hose with sprayer
  • liquid dish soap
  • less expensive
  • you can remove it on your own time frame
    • the possibility of being exposed to asbestos
    • dirty time-consuming job
    • requires permit
    • could be difficult to complete in 1 day
    • responsible for proper disposal of asbestos

The cons far outweigh the pros when considering a DIY asbestos siding removal project. Asbestos fibers are considered hazardous waste and are nothing to fool around with. Incorrectly handling asbestos can accidentally expose your family and neighbors. Be smart- call the professionals at ABC Contracting.

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