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Controlled Demolition

ABC Environmental specializes in environmental controlled demolition for asbestos abatement in buildings of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to asbestos removal, many times demolition is required to fully and effectively eliminate the affected area. Our environmental demolition process complies with all asbestos demolition regulations and complies with OSHA, EPA, and DOL. We pride ourselves on maintaining safe sites for jobs that are completely in a timely and budget friendly manner.

ABC Environmental Contracting - Asbestos Removal In St Louis
ABC Environmental Contracting - Asbestos Removal In St Louis

Interior Demolition For Asbestos Removal

Sometimes asbestos affected ceilings, vinyl floors, wall insulation, and spray coating are so damaged that they need to be demolished. Many times, however, the rest of your building is in great, asbestos-free condition. For these types of situations, we employ interior demolition for asbestos removal. We contain and demolish the asbestos ridden areas while preserving other structures of your building. In addition to containing and removing the hazardous materials, we also contribute to environmental efforts by salvaging and recycling any materials that are not affected. 

Hire A Reliable Controlled Demolition Company

ABC Environmental understands that when asbestos is present, you may need a professional demolition team to complete the job quickly and safely. We have all the equipment necessary to handle large-scale commercial jobs and smaller scale residential removals. From garbage dumpsters, to heavy machinery, and a fully certified staff, you can rely on ABC Environmental to save you time, cost, and stress. Our comprehensive restoration services extend farther than controlled demolition and we guarantee our experience and expertise will get your home or business restored as quickly as possible. If and when disaster strikes, you can depend on ABC Environmental to do an excellent job restoring your property to what it was.


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