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Professional Asbestos abatement

ABC Environmental offer professional asbestos abatement services in the st louis area. Our abatement procedures are typically categorized into three different categories: Low, Moderate, & High Risks.

4 Step Procedure Outline that every category follows:

  1. Isolation of the contamination
  2. Certified workers wear protective gear and maintain contamination
  3. Fiber release gets minimized
  4. Decontamination & Clean Up

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Following these steps ensures the safety of ABC Environmental workers and prevents the release of airborne fibers.  Undisturbed asbestos won’t harm you, but once it has been damaged or deteriorated in any way, then the particles can get into your lungs.  Safely removing toxic materials prevents diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

Low Risk

  • remove non-friable materials without cutting, breaking or disturbing the materials
  • use non-powered hand tools, with water to contain fiber release
  • transport toxic materials in sealed containers

Medium & High Risk

Additional steps need to be taken for medium to high-risk contamination.  Protective clothing is made of a material such as Tyvek, fits snugly around the neck, wrist, and ankles, and covers the head and feet. Respiratory protective equipment must be used if appropriate.  Ventilation systems that could move the airborne fibers around should be shut down.  A HEPA filtered exhaust unit should be connected to the work area to provide negative pressure.  There are additional steps that need to be in place that our ABC contractors will ensure are complete.

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