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Black Water St Louis & Sewage St Louis

When standing water is present in your home, it is always a concern. If that water contains black water or sewage, an already troubling problem is an even larger concern. Dirty water creates a lot of sanitation, health, and safety issues. Once a space has been flooded with black water, you will need an emergency disaster response team that provides quick and effective cleanup services. ABC Environmental offers Black Water Restoration / Sewage Restoration Services in Metro St Louis.

Sewage Cleanup
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Water Extraction, Drying, & Dehumidification

The first step to getting rid of black water and sewage into your home is to remove all traces of it entirely. Depending on the area affected in a home, this can be a larger job than a home or business owner expects. ABC Environmental can arrive quickly and begin the extraction process so that you can start restoring your property to its prior value. After the flooding has been addressed, it usually takes special equipment to dry and dehumidify the space. This takes careful planning and expert knowledge to ensure that no dirty water remains.

Mold Remediation St Louis

One challenge that is presented when a flood occurs is controlling a mold outbreak. It does not take much moisture for mold to start growing and spreading. Mold growth can compound the damage done to your property. Be sure that the emergency relief company you hire can handle mold quickly and remove all traces.  ABC Environmental offers mold inspectionmold remediation, and mold prevention services to protect homes from dangerous outbreaks. Call ABC Environmental to start reversing the damage.

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