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St Louis Emergency Flood Damage

Emergency Disaster Relief

Flood Damage St Louis

Damage from flooding, moisture, & humidity will compromise the integrity of the structure of your property. For your home or business, this may include weakening of the floors, walls, & even the ceilings. We offer very competitive prices because we know that when a flooding disaster occurs, good help at an affordable rate is very hard to come by and our goal at ABC Environmental is to set the industry standard. Our team is in the service business and we refuse to be satisfied with our job until you are satisfied with it first.

Structural Drying
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Flood Damage Restoration

Water damage is progressive and homes and businesses need to act quickly after a flood occurs because of this. Possessions that can potentially be restored within 2 days after the water damage may not be restored if emergency response is delayed longer.

Many times after a property undergoes water damage, humidity inside the structure can build up quickly and if it is not controlled, items that were not damaged from the original cause could be damaged as a result of the accumulation of moisture from the air. To summarize, these structures are on the verge of being damaged further and could lead to them being ruined or worse yet – being a home for fungus and/or bacteria growth.

Hire A Professional Flood Damage Company

When you begin your search for hiring the water damage restoration company, you may be tempted to choose a company that will only use a vacuum or only has the equipment to dry carpet. Depending on the severity of the water damage, your home or business may require more professional expertise and equipment. Understand that it doesn’t take long for water to seep into walls where it then has a tendency to move through foundational molding, sill plates, floor coverings, and this may even affect the rooms below. ABC Environmental offers comprehensive flood damage services and we are equipped to handle both commercial projects and residential water damage. Using the latest cutting edge technology, we can dry your home as quickly as possible, get the humidity levels under control, and locate and get rid of any remaining moisture that is hidden.

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