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Emergency Disaster Relief

Secure Board Up St Louis

Unfortunately, when structure damage occurs to a home from a fire or flood – it can take weeks or months to repair some of the damage. ABC Environmental offers secure board up services so that homes and businesses that have had severe damage done to the structure can take advantage of an unfortunate situation getting much worse. This service entails reinforcing the structure so that further damage does not occur over the weeks or months it may take to get the home repaired.

Board Up St Louis
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Why Is It Important To Secure My Property?

When building materials are exposed to outdoor elements such as overexposure of sunlight, rain, heavy winds, sitting water, wildlife in the area, etc., a home or business can encounter further damage. It may make sense to reinforce the property structure in troublesome areas to ensure not paying more in the long run. Securing your property is a great way to keep it on track to getting repaired in a timely manner.

24/7 Secure Board Up Services

Some restoration companies may make you wait until their busy schedules allow them to send workers your way to help reinforce your property. ABC Environmental offers 24/7 complete board-up services so that you do not have to stress or wait to get the assistance that you need when you need it! We tackle small and large projects and specialize in properties affected by recent floods or fires. When you need a reliable, fast-acting disaster response team to help secure your property – you can depend on ABC Environmental!


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