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Emergency Disaster Relief

Dehumidification St Louis

Once a fire breaks out at your home or place of business, extinguishing the fire is only one of the primary priorities you will have to address. Additionally, the destruction from the fire will interfere with renovation efforts. Even if you have the manpower to get started clearing the debris, hiring a certified restoration team that is equipped to handle all your cleaning and removal jobs is going to save you time and make it easy to put an unfortunate situation a thing of the past. ABC Environmental helps you remove the odors and remnants of fire damage once and for all.

ABC Environmental Contracting - Asbestos Removal In St Louis

Halt Decomposition In Its Tracks

Prolonged water exposure causes flooring materials and walls are to start to bend, warp, wither, & decay. This type of behavior is obvious when it comes to standing water, however, it is important to recognize that uncontrolled humidity can have identical effects. At times, even extracting all the water does not prevent humidity from continuously breaking down the same materials. When you are serious about containing the scope of the damage, you will not only need to get standing water off the floor but also remove more water in the air. Dehumidification specialists at ABC Environmental can help alleviate your humidity problems for good.

Why Is Humidity Such A Serious Issue?

Humidity is even more of a serious issue when one begins to look at it as a source for fungus growth. If mold is gone unnoticed in the spaces where you live or work, a humidity issue will begin to accelerate mold growth which can be a health hazard for all those exposed to the outbreak. Protect your family or workers by hiring ABC Environmental for professional Mold Remediation services. Our skilled team of experts will get humidity under control and offers full-service mold removal plans. ABC Environmental pledges to make your dehumidification and mold removal aspirations successful and will not be satisfied until the job is done right and you are happy with the outcome.

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