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Emergency Disaster Relief

Pack Out Storage St Louis

Occasionally, some of the most severe damage inflicted by a flood or other fire or water disaster ends up affecting the belongings in an area rather than the area itself. When your home or business contains expensive, rare, or hard to replace items in a space where disaster strikes, the aftermath can be devastating. Before you go panicking trying to save as much as you can using only the resources at your disposal, contact ABC Environmental to aid you in your restoration efforts. Our highly-trained, friendly staff can help you move large items out of the space affected, store them safely, and address any cleaning jobs that are required once the area is empty. We work safely and efficiently until the project at hand is complete. When you need to keep the scope of disaster damage in check, our team is equipped and prepared to lend a helping hand.

Cleaning Removal Fire St Louis
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Secure, Long-Term Storage

It can be quite a difficulty to find a storage facility that offers convenient access, guaranteed security, & an affordable rate. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for storage facilities to boost their typical rates when they know someone is desperate, even after a disaster. ABC Environmental can accommodate as much or as little stuff as you require, and the length of time you need the storage is completely up to you. When the future of your home or business is in jeopardy, don’t waste precious time tracking and comparing multiple storage facilities. Give us a call, and we will have get all your storage needs covered.

Hire Professional Fire Damage Services

Pack-out & storage are vital tasks to be accomplished after a fire disaster. However, they are just a small piece of the entire restoration procedure. When you need other fire damage remediation services, ABC Environmental’s experienced team can deal with it all. Our comprehensive renovation services range from odor neutralization, debris clean-up, water extraction, mold testing and remediation, and a much, much more. Hiring different service teams for each of these tasks can end up costing you more in the long run, make us your complete-service solution. Your home or business will end up receiving high-quality results in a shorter time for a lesser cost when you choose to hire a professional team of restoration specialists. Contact ABC Environmental today to learn more.

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