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Is Asbestos Living In My Home?

Prior to being prohibited by the EPA in 1978, asbestos was used in lots of building materials utilized in home building and construction, from floor and ceiling tiles to insulation. Asbestos was a hard and inexpensive material, and while it was banned from being utilized in brand-new construction, the product may remain in older homes. If your home was developed before 1980 and you think it may consist of asbestos, follow these steps to spot and have it eliminated from your house.

How Can I Find Out If My House Has Asbestos?

When you first bought your house, you will have undergone an evaluation and received documents with essential information about the structure, such as the year it was developed. If the year noted falls prior to 1986, get in touch with an expert right away to have your home checked. Your roofing and floor covering materials might likewise be contaminated. Flat, corrugated roofing systems may contain white asbestos, while big vinyl tiles from home building and construction or renovation jobs in the 1980s may consist of traces. While cleaning your ceilings, inspect your light bases and vent covers for indications of asbestos. Older ceilings may have been built with cement sheets containing asbestos. The product was most likely utilized in pipeline insulation.

What Do I Do If My Home Has Asbestos?

If you believe your home may have been contaminated by asbestos, do not attempt to remove it yourself. If the asbestos does not have visible wear and tear or any damage you can see, do not interrupt it. If the product is jostled, fibers may fall and you may breathe it in, which can trigger crucial health problems. Contact an expert who will have the correct devices to remove asbestos without running the risk of damage to you or your home.

If you discover asbestos in your house, contact ABC Construction right away. We will go to your house, recognize the source of the problem and provide a complimentary price quote for abatement and removal.

If you have additional questions or need help with asbestos testing for your home or business, contact ABC Contracting at (314) 582-3611.

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