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Mold In Basement St Louis

Mold thrives to grow on building materials commonly found in the basement – including wood, drywall, & insulation. Therefore, one area in the home that everyone needs to regularly check up on is the basement, making sure that any of the mold will get removed safely and quickly. What causes mold growth in basements? How can I prevent it? Who can help me get rid of mold in my basement?

Mold In Basement
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What Causes Mold In The Basement?

One of the main factors attributed to causing mold growth in the basement is condensation, which is essentially the accumulation of water particles on surfaces (pipes, walls, floors, etc) when high humidity is present at colder temperatures. Condensation can be handled easily if caught early, but when it comes to the basement areas of homes – any sign of water is an issue. Basements typically get no sun exposure or proper ventilation, making it difficult for anything to dry properly.

If flooding has occurred in your basement, your home is way more susceptible to mold growth. When heavy water gets built up on building materials, it becomes more likely that harmful, toxic black mold may grow and spread. It only takes a few days for mold to grow on these materials, which is why you definitely want to act fast when flooding occurs. You may be looking at not just the cost of getting rid of the mold, but repairing what was damaged. ABC Environmental will always be honest about the severity of the mold your basement has and will offer mold remediation, mold clean up, and mold damage repair services in the areas where mold growth is prevalent.

The easiest telltale sign mold currently resides in your basement is when odd or musty smells start to become noticeable. Odor can build up very quickly when mold growth starts spreading. If you smell something odd in your basement, begin searching for signs of moisture or contact ABC Environmental to have a certified expert conduct a Mold Inspection.

Preventing mold in your basement is simply a matter of minimizing moisture by fixing any leaks or humidity issues. ABC Environmental can prevent mold by using professional equipment to dry water seeping in through walls, applying sealant to fill any cracks where water is entering, and dehumidifying your basement to ensure that your basement gets the air circulation necessary to halt mold growth. Other important prevention methods ABC Environmental implements are cleaning and vacuuming, which helps get rid of existing mold as well as the dirt and dust that may be aiding the mold.

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