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Are you worried that you may have mold in your home? Don’t worry, ABC Environmental will help explain how mold grows, where mold most often is found, as well as some of its signs and causes. Mold can grow on almost any structure in the rooms of a home. Structures can include the walls, windows and frames, ceilings, floors,  insulation, air ducts & HVAC units, pieces of furniture, on your clothing, and especially on various building materials in the basement.

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How Does Mold Grow On Walls & Windows?

One major cause of mold growing on walls is condensation. Hidden water leaks and high percentages of humidity also contribute to mold spreading. When water vapor in the air combines with a cold surface, liquid water is formed. Condensation most often occurs on the walls on the exterior layer of a home (walls bordering the outside). It also easily forms on windows and frames for the same reason. Depending on where you live and what season it is, the difference in temperatures between the outside and inside can increase the chances of condensation occurring more frequently.

A lot of times, mold can also be discovered inside or around air ducts, vents, or air conditioning/heating systems. It is important to remember to check those areas if you smell an odd, musty odor in your home. Mold in these areas is very hazardous to health. Mold is known for being able to cause respiratory issues, so if found in these areas it may be best to consider getting mold inspection or mold testing done.

Mold grows on clothes when they are left damp and wet. Clothes forgot about in the washer, or left in a pile after a rainy day or hard, sweaty workout – can be a foundation for mold to grow. It only takes 24 hours for clothes to show signs.

If you are still curious about certain rooms of your house that seem to be getting a lot of mold growth, browse the rest of the site to learn more about mold. Mold is commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements and the more we can help you understand the problem areas associated with each of these rooms, the less likely you are to have a mold issue.

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