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When ABC Environmental sends out a professional mold inspector to a job site, 3 critical questions must be answered. Where is the mold? Where has it spread to? Where is the water leak or humidity coming from that has caused the mold? If your home or business only has a little bit of visible mold, it is still probably a good idea to get a mold inspection for the obvious reason that there more than likely is mold growing somewhere out of view or in hidden areas underneath or behind materials.

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Let Mold Inspectors Know Of Any Recent Water Problems

It’s always best to hire a professional mold inspector to do the mold inspections for you. ABC Environmental’s Certified Mold Inspectors have knowledge of spots where hidden mold resides, and you can be sure that if there’s ANY mold in your home/business that they will find it quickly and give you multiple options to choose from to dispose of the mold. One way to make their job easier is to spend just a few moments describing any history of water problems your property has had. However, even if you do not know about any water flooding or damage that took place in your property over the years, our inspectors will still be able to assess the problem.

After Mold Inspection

Once the inspector verifies the severity of the mold, further testing can be done using different types of mold tests. Mold remediation may be recommended immediately after mold inspections and mold testing is accomplished, especially if the extent of mold damage and the type of mold has been determined. It is extremely important to get ahead of any mold problems you might have and we hope you have found the information on this page helpful in making a decision to properly treat mold. If you are looking to get rid of mold quickly, efficiently, and in a safe manner – please contact ABC Environmental today and we will help assess and rid your home or business of any mold issues.

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