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Are you unsure about whether or not mold is in your home, and if it is – how dangerous it might be? One great way to find out an answer to both of the questions is to have Mold Testing done. Mold testing is a form of mold detection and the results of which can determine if mold is actually an issue in your home or business. Believe it or not, there is such thing as hidden mold and mold tests are also a great way to discover it. Mold detection not only helps find the mode, but it reveals to professionals the species of mold an expert will have to deal with.

Mold Testing
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Mold Testing Professionals

Without question, mold testing is best done by professionals.

Choosing to hire a professional mold tester means you’ll be dealing with someone who is experienced at collecting and analyzing samples, has the best equipment available and can get you the most accurate result.


Each different type of mold test offers unique insight into what kind of mold problem you may have. Air testing, for example, identifies the exact concentration of mold particles in the air and can explain why a home or business may have a serious problem even if there is not a lot of mold growth. Surface Testing is done by swabbing or implementing other methods to obtain mold samples from certain items or areas in the home. The sample needs to be examined in a lab but can tell the amount of mold growth.

Other tests can be done such as bulk and culture tests for mold – which can help determine the severity of a mold problem. Contact ABC Environmental today to get Mold Testing done for your home or business.

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