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Typically, when a homeowner or business discovers that there is a water leakage – mold is sure to follow. When you begin your search for mold removal services, your insurance company and your local code inspector will insist on having a certified mold removal expert. The ABC Environmental staff is highly trained and familiar in extracting mold safely and quickly until the job is complete. We can isolate the part of your home that has mold, as well as replace drywall, carpet, and flooring that may contain mold residue. We also do air quality testing to give you the assurance that mold will not be returning.

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In the case where your home or business has been victim to any sort of structural damage caused by water leakage of flooding, it is worth it to consider hiring a mold removal company that offers competitive prices, listens to your concerns, and removes all traces of mold.

If mold begins growing behind your walls or across your ceiling, you need to get professional help because dealing with mold without the proper equipment puts you and other at a health risk. At ABC Environmental we are fully equipped to remove all the mold that is present now and take steps to keep mold from growing back. Give us a chance to provide all the mold extraction services you need at any time and on any scale.

Mold has the ability to scale from a small outbreak to a full-scale infestation in a very short amount of time. The two factors that play a key role in the mold growth process is moisture exposure and humidity. Mold growth is inevitable when there is standing water or structural pieces of a home are constantly soaked or submerged with water. Drying and dehumidifying the mold area is the first step. Afterward, a professional mold removal plan is necessary if the problem is going to be resolved completely. ABC Environmental is ready to help the second you realize humidity or moisture is causing the appearance of mold.

Any time there is mold in a confined space where people frequently spend time, it is alarming. Mold is known for irritating respiratory issues, which then can lead to chronic illness. Those most susceptible to mold are infants and young children, the elderly, and even pets. The fact is that even just a tiny bit of mold can make people sick. And a lot of it can make a space completely uninhabitable. As soon as you are aware of any mold problem, please contact ABC Environmental about addressing the mold infestation.

When there is mold growing in a structure, but a homeowner doesn’t notice discoloring the walls or making anyone sick, a common inclination is to just ignore the little bit of mold they have come across. This is a tremendous miscalculation. Mold takes a very short amount of time to spread. Mold issues do not go away by themselves. Mold literally degrades building materials over time and this is exactly why property value is decreased when an inspector finds mold present in the home. Do not let mold get the best of your finances. Home repairs can run very expensive, especially when base structures are damaged. Get in touch with ABC Environmental today and handle your mold problem before your property is affected.

To successfully get rid of mold completely can be very challenging. That is why you will not want to rely on just any company to handle your mold remediation effort. ABC Environmental has the staff that is dedicated to providing homes and businesses with the high standards of service at an affordable price. When you either have mold or know that conditions are right for mold to spread, please allow us the opportunity to gain your trust and be the first company you contact. We take professional care of any property we deal with and will be fast, efficient, and safe.

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