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Asbestos Tile Removal

When you’re going to remove asbestos floor tiles, it’s essential to keep in mind that you should remove them only when it’s necessary. In some situations, such as during a renovation, you are needed to remove asbestos floor tiles so that the renovation can go on smoothly. If you plan to do the removal by yourself, you will need to know how to remove asbestos floor tiles the right way.

That said, here are six steps to follow to ensure that the removal process will go as smoothly as possible:

1. Ensure that the area is ready for asbestos removal

When you’re going to remove asbestos floor tiles, keep in mind that you will need to remove whole pieces of the tile. This is because when asbestos particles are released into the air, it can cause harmful effects on human health.

In ensuring that the area is ready for removal, you will need to keep all your belongings within the area protected and make sure to remove all movable objects. Use plastic to protect doors, windows, and vents, among others. Secure the plastic with duct tape and turn off the heat and air conditioning systems as well.

2. Wear proper attire

Before you begin to remove asbestos floor tiles, make sure to get your coveralls, goggles, mask, gloves, and boots ready. Wearing the right attire for this job is crucial. Not only will it protect you from getting hurt, but this will also prevent you from breathing in the harmful asbestos particles.

3. Remove asbestos floor tiles

Know that you will need to start from the edges of the room to remove asbestos floor tiles. Use a hammer and a putty knife for this task. When the first tile is removed, work on the next tile at a 45-degree angle. Make sure to do this gently as you don’t want to break tiles during removal because this increases the likelihood of asbestos getting into the air.

4. Wet the floor

Keep in mind that the dust will eventually settle on the floor, and you can’t risk that when you’re dealing with harmful materials like asbestos. This is why you should always have a wet towel or mop with you, and make sure to mop the area after each tile is removed. This will prevent the dust from getting into the air. Make sure to regularly change the water as well and use liquid detergent for a stronger solution.

5. Dispose of debris properly

Make sure to contact your local government and ask where you can dispose of the tiles after you remove asbestos floor tiles. Remember, you just can’t throw it at a random landfill near you because that can harm the lives of other people. Place the tiles and other debris inside a waste bag and seal them with duct tape.

6. Clean up

Wipe down the area using damp disposable towels, and make sure to rinse them and change the water often to prevent recontamination. After that, double or even triple check the area to ensure that it is free of dust and debris. Clean all tools after you remove asbestos floor tiles as well before you take them out of the work area.

Although the process of going to remove asbestos floor tiles is a delicate operation, it’s not impossible when you follow the steps given in this article to ensure the utmost safety at all times.

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