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ABC Contracting

Mold Inspection Company

5 Factors of a Mold Inspection Company

5 Factors to Look for in a Reputable Mold Inspection Company – What to Know Choosing a company to deal with your home?s mold problems …

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Asbestos In Your Home

Have Asbestos In Your Home?

What You Need To Know About Asbestos In Your Home – Our Guide If your home was built around the 70s or 80s, chances are …

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Handling Asbestos In Schools and Churches ABC Contracting

4 Safety Tips For Removing Asbestos from Your Property – What to Know

While asbestos was used previously in construction, it soon was found out to be harmful, especially in its dust form. That said, while there is …

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asbestos removal st louis mo

The Risks Involved with DIY Asbestos Removal – What to Know

Asbestos exposure can lead to various diseases, such as asbestosis and pleural plaque. Despite the fact that the use of asbestos has been banned, there …

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Water Damage Clean Up St Louis

A Practical Guide to Saving Your Water-Damaged Wooden Floor – What to Know

For those in hurricane and flood zones, it can be a problem if you have a wooden house or some parts of it, such as …

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Frequently Asked Questions About Asbestos in Your Home – What to Know

Did you know that asbestos is still widely present in many homes up to this day? It?s a scary thought, but the good news is …

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asbestos removal st louis mo

Our Guide to Asbestos Removal – Is DIY Asbestos Removal Legal?

One thing that homeowners fear the most is when asbestos takes over their homes. Asbestos is known to irritate the airways, which can turn into …

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Asbestos Tile Removal

6 Steps To Safely Remove Asbestos Floor Tiles – Our Guide

When removing asbestos floor tiles, it?s essential to keep in mind that you should remove them only when it?s necessary. In some situations, such as …

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Water Extraction

Flooding & Water Damage – What to Inspect In Your Home

After flood waters subside and cleanup is complete, people will begin rebuilding their lives by returning to their homes or businesses. Unfortunately, the wooden parts …

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Mold in Home

3 Effective DIY Ways to Prevent Bathroom Mold – Our Guide

There are countless reasons for homeowners to hate bathroom mold. For one, it compromises the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Besides that, bathroom mold is …

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