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Water Extraction St Louis

When water starts being collected in your home/business either slowly or suddenly, the issue needs to be handled immediately. When water gets left alone for a long duration without anyone taking extraction efforts, irreversible damage can occur to the foundational structures, floorings, and belongings you care about. The best way to combat against water damage is to seek out reliable water extraction services as soon as you notice the damage. ABC Environmental’s certified extraction team will get to your property site immediately and take the best route necessary to put forth a complete restoration effort.

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Hiring a Professional Water Extraction Company

ABC Environmental understands that when homeowners or business owners are searching to hire professional water extraction services it is usually after a devastating storm or flood. These times can be highly stressful and put a lot of pressure on individuals to come up with a fast solution. We work with you directly and can simplify the insurance claim process making it easier to understand and much more likely to get the best renovation solution possible. Our trusted water extraction technicians will be on their way to your property as soon as you give us a call. You can ensure that you and your property are getting the highest quality of committed service by hiring ABC Environmental for any and all of your water extraction needs.

Odor and Mold Prevention

Some of the most prominent concerns when it comes to water extraction actually come from the challenges that can be presented immediately after removal takes place. What could be equally as important as water extraction you might ask? Ensuring that the area affected is thoroughly dried will help stop humidity damage, prevent mold growth, and help neutralize bad odors and contamination. This is an essential part of a restoration effort that can typically only be handled completely by certified professionals. When water gets collected and sits over a period of time, odor and mold become more and more likely. ABC Contracting not only has the expertise to address your home or business’s water extraction problem but can get ahead of any odor or mold issues that arise as more problems. One simple call to our team and you can have the satisfaction of knowing that your water restoration project will be in good, capable hands.


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