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It’s the great time of year to venture out for a day, basking in the fall sunshine and enjoying nature. If you have kids, fall just will not be the same with a visit to a pumpkin farm or a maze. Just a short drive from the lake area, along 1-70, families may travel to two family-owned attractions that are giving a unique experience.

A pumpkin patch, a corn maze and a petting zoo and educational park dressed out the season at Pumpkins Galore and Big Joel’s Safari in Wright City in Warren County have joined up to give a great fall escape.

Once there, guests may stroll through the zoo and see the pumpkin patch and maze with over 14,000 feet of winding trails. The maze is $5.00 per person. Children under 4 are free.

Pumpkins Galore provides loads of fun activities and a wide assortment of pumpkins. Run by the Mikus family, entry to the pumpkin patch is free.

Joel Clinger and his wife, Mimi, unveiled Big Joel’s Safari Petting Zoo and Educational Park to the public in July, 2012.

Before introducing their farm to the public, they had been working with and nurturing animals for many years. Joel played football at the University of Missouri and then a few years professionally, working with exotic animals in the off season. He received a degree in animal science while at Mizzou while Mimi got a degree in occupational therapy.

Joel and Mimi, together with Joel’s parents, manage the park. They take care of a broad assortment of zoo companions such as monkeys, ostriches, donkeys, deer, camels, goats, sea turtles, and kangaroos. For the more exotic fans, the zoo is home to crocodiles, pythons, and geckos.

Along with a wooden climbing train, huge slides, and tire enhanced play area, the zoo offers a petting zoo to tourists.

Petting zoo tourists may purchase feed cups to encourage the already friendly zoo residents even closer.

Also wonderful for an up close experience with animals is the Parakeet Encounter. The interactive parakeet experience allows you to purchase a parakeet feed stick for for $1.00 or 6 sticks for $5.00 to feed many lovely feathered friends in an open bird aviary but watch out, you could find some are very friendly and will actually land on your hand or head to be fed.

Information Provided by ABC Environmental Contracting Services.

If you like Big Joel’s Safari Petting Zoo & Educational Park, you also might like to visit Indian Camp Creek Park.

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