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Rotary Park is home to four consecutive weekends of the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire in May and June, the St. Charles County Fair in July, and the Holiday Night Lights show during the Christmas season. Rotary Park is a beautiful 72-acre park. There are many recreational activities accessible, as well as chances for leisure while fishing the 5-acre lake.


For the St. Charles County Fair, Bill Zollman proposed converting 72 acres of green space, 40 acres of which were designated for a landfill, into a City Park accessible to all St. Charles County residents in August 1990. To submit this proposal to the Rotary Board of Directors in September 1990 he discussed it with then Club President Lloyd Hackbarth.

As of October 1990, Bill Zollman was Chairman of the Rotary Park Committee, with Rotarians Dan Zile, Joe McReynolds, and Joel Langston serving as members. Club President Lloyd Hachbarth was on the committee. Later, STCC Fair President Claud Boschert and Western District Commissioner Bill Luetkenhaus joined the committee.

On December 18, 1990, the Wentzville Rotary Club paid $1,000 for a 90-day option to buy the 72-acre Rotary Park site. These presentations were given to groups and companies in Wentzville and the neighboring St. Charles County regions. Raised $170,000.00 by March 1991. The St. Charles County Commission contributed $50,000.00, the Wentzville Lions Club donated $20,000.00, and a huge concrete Lion currently sits on Lions Lane. The Green Lantern, Chuck Berry, Mary Martha Thrift Shop, and of course every Wentzville Rotarian, St. Charles County Rotarian, and many more contributed.

On March 11, 1991, Rotary Park was deeded for $170,000.00. The St. Charles Count Fair, Inc. leased Rotary Park from July 7 to August 6, 1991 for 200 years. The Wentzville Rotary Club, Wentzville City, and St. Charles County Fair Board inked an agreement. The Wentzville Rotary Club then deeded Rotary Park to the City of Wentzville for 200 years.

On October 30, 1994, the Wentzville Rotary Club paid the last installment on “Rotary Park”.

Information provided by ABC Environmental Contracting Services.

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